Fire Protection Company Saint Albert

Get the Ideal Safety You Need from the best Fire Protection Company

You can depend on Turner Safety Service to provide fire safety solutions that perfectly fit your needs. We understand fire safety danger poses a serious threat to people’s well-being and property damage, so we are committed to delivering fire protection system testing to meet industry standards and codes. Our experienced fire prevention technicians recommend the most suitable fire safety solution for your property considering factors such as occupancy, fire hazard level, building layout, geography and regulations such as fire codes. Let us help you get the ideal protection for your premises today, fire safety is essential, choose the team you can trust to ensure it.

Finding fire protection services can be a challenge, but with Turner Safety Service you can get the fire safety solutions you need in one place. With a vast selection of fire protection services to suit every situation, we offer everything from fire extinguishers supply and inspection to fire suppression systems retro-fit and system testing. Our team is also available for fire safety consultations to help design the ideal Egress plans for your space, so that you can have complete peace of mind knowing all of your fire or emergency hazards are covered. With Turner Safety Service, you get the assurance and confidence that all your fire safety needs are taken care of.


Protect Your Business with Turner Safety Service and Supplies Inc.

Protecting your business is an important responsibility, and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. With fire safety being of the utmost concern, there is no better fire protection company than Turner Safety Service and Supplies Inc. With many years of experience in fire safety you can be assured that we provide you with only the highest quality services backed with competitive pricing in the industry. Our mission is to make sure your property remains fire safe, so you can focus on your day to day business without worry.

As a business owner, fire safety is a top priority and needs to be taken seriously. That’s why Turner Safety Service is here to help your company become and remain confidentely protected from fire related incidents. We are a fire protection company dedicated to helping businesses find the right fire safety solution for their space. Our experts evaluate fire hazard potentials and make code compliant recommendations based off our findings. We take the hassle out of fire safety by supplying quality fire safety materials, like fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, replacement E-light batteries and smoke and heat detectors at competative prices. Get ahead of the danger today with Turner Safety Service.

Work and Feel Safely By Having a quality Fire Safety Company

Working and feeling safe are two of the most important aspects for any business and having a fire safety company such as Turner Safety Service can make that happen. With our fire protection services, from fire extinguisher management, Fire alarm testing to fire sprinkler testing, fire safety compliance is covered completely to help businesses rest easily knowing their fire safety requirements are handled properly. We also offer fire-hazard awareness courses to ensure personnel understand how to react in the event of an emergency. All services are provided affordably so businesses can be up to code and keep insurance companies happier without breaking the bank. The attention-to-detail fire prevention solutions offered by Turner Safety Service and supplies help create a secure work environment with peace of mind.

Turner Safety Service is an experienced fire protection company that helps to create a safe working environment for your team. We understand how important it is to have a fire safety system in place and can provide all of the necessary items you need to be compliant with industry and national regulations. Thanks to our world-class customer service, you’ll get the peace of mind knowing that your employees will stay safer if ever a fire were to break out. Make sure your business is prepared; leave the fire safety to Turner Safety Service.