We specialize in the service, installation, and certification of all fire safety equipment.

Site visits are booked with short lead times as we thrive on providing quick and efficient service to always keep your equipment up to date and certified.

We can provide pickup and service loaner extinguishers when you require recharging. (Re-charging of your portable fire extinguishers is required every 6 years, or once it’s been extinguished in accordance with NFPA 10 standards)

We perform all requested intervals of fire extinguisher inspection:

  • We perform site visits to accommodate any interval of inspection (weekly, monthly, semi annual, or annual) as per NFPA-10.

  • Detailed inspection reports can be provided which would note any deficiencies or recommendations of repair.

  • All fire extinguishers will be tagged and certified.

  • We recharge and hydro test fire extinguishers within intervals as required per NFPA 10 and Alberta fire code. (make an appointment to pickup from your facility or drop-off at our location for service or recharge)

Fire extinguisher helpful hints
  • Annual inspection:  As listed in the Alberta fire code, portable fire extinguishers must be inspected and tagged once every 12 months by a certified company.

  • Monthly inspection:  It’s recommended that you should have your portable fire extinguishers inspected for damages each month. Turner Safety Service & Supplies Inc. has the expertise to complete these inspections for you if you are unable to preform the task under your current safety program.

  • ABC Dry Chemical Non annual inspection: To be in compliance with NFPA 10 and Alberta Fire Code (2018 recent edition), dry chemical ABC Type portable fire extinguishers require internal inspection and recharge every 6 years, and a cylinder hydro test is required every 12 years.


  • Performs annual testing / inspection of emergency lighting and exit lighting devices as listed in the Alberta Fire Code.

  • Replaces any faulty components such as bulbs, batteries, and hanging assemblies as required.

  • Installation of new emergency lighting, or replacement upgrades if required.

  • Performs annual testing / inspection of full sprinkler systems including standpipe, backflow and hydrants as listed in the Alberta Fire Code and NFPA standards.

  • Provides fast and detailed inspection reports noting any deficiencies or repairs required.

  • Provides labeling of all completed inspections. Lists any faulty or worn components on a deficiency list for the client’s review.

  • 24 hour service available for sprinkler emergencies.
  • Annual inspection and testing as per Alberta Fire Code.
  • Troubleshooting and maintenence of all types of systems.
  • Servicing and testing of conventional, addressable, and AC systems as per CAN-ULC-S536 standards.
  • Performs semi-annual testing and inspections of kitchen suppression systems, as per NFPA-17A & 96.

  • Detailed inspection reports are provided which will note any deficiencies or recommendations of repair.

  • Tagging / labeling of suppression equipment once certification has been completed.

  • We currently install and certify the following Kitchen suppression manufacturers:

    • Ansul
    • Badger suppression systems

    • Flame Tamer – ProTex II suppression systems

    • Buckeye Fire Equipment

    • Range Guard

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